About Ray Abel

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I spent almost a decade in sales, non-profit, and management-oriented roles. However, I soon decided to leave that behind and embark on a new journey - launching my first startup. This endeavor resulted in the creation of a website that quickly garnered recognition, having been voted the Best Website in Pittsburgh within two years. The website also received praise from NFL.com, which hailed it as "everybody's favorite source for breaking NFL news." Further, our appearance on the hit television show Shark Tank resulted in a partnership with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Our website has also been featured on numerous other prominent platforms, including:

Ray Abel Websites

Additionally, I took on another exciting project - creating a series of 5K events that showcased the best of each city, aptly named The City 5K. Alongside this, I established Rugged Events, a non-profit organization that aimed to provide enjoyable events and education to men with a mission to strengthen families through fathers.

Currently, my passion and focus are directed toward the launch of Xogo, a technology platform with the mission of enabling individuals of all abilities to interact with the world on their own terms. I invite you to explore this fascinating technology on our website and watch the video below that showcases our work. On the side, I also host a (hopefully) thought-provoking podcast called Research the News, where I foster open dialogue on sensitive topics.

If you would like help launching a startup or small business, advice on funding, or are seeking an experienced speaker, please don't hesitate to contact me. And just for fun, you can check out a map detailing some of my travels here.