I started a podcast because: I like to learn about new things, I like to learn why other people may think differently than me, and I also like research. So, my podcast is called "Teach Me About Something" because I want to learn about interesting things from other people. These interesting things could be politics, social responsibility, tech, science, or any other topic that is generally interesting.

Each episode will feature guests who are either experts in their field or believe strongly in a topic (or both). Sometimes I'll be asking questions and sometimes I'll be leading discussions. Either way, my goal is to learn....something.

There are a few rules for each episode as well (and these will probably evolve as we move forward):

  1. Above all, people are required to respect each other
  2. No talking points without explanations (You can't just use talking points without facts to back them up - if you use a talking point, you will need to explain and defend it)
  3. No interruptions without corrections (Nobody will talk over each other out of anger - the only acceptable interruption is if someone is using incorrect information and a correction happens)
  4. At the beginning of each episode, we will attempt to come together on what our common ground is if there is a difference in viewpoints
  5. At the end of each episode, we will decide what common ground we've found if there was a difference in viewpoints


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