Clarity and Conviction (Subtitle: Don't Stop Short)

Clarity and Conviction (Subtitle: Don't Stop Short)

So I really don't like most motivational quotes. Here's a sampling of some of my least favorites:

  • There's a better tomorrow.
  • Shoot for the moon, and even if you miss you'll land on the stars.
  • Be the change you wish to see in the world.
  • Keep calm and (insert phrase here).
  • And my favorite: "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." Wayne Gretzky/Michael Scott

These all sound great, but none of them really mean anything.

Often times we get so focused on trying to find motivation for doing "stuff" in our life, and lose track of the execution of our ideas. We can look at motivational posters with pictures of world leaders, great thinkers, and beautiful sunsets all we want, but there are two things that are better than all of those posters: clarity and conviction.


The first step in doing anything well is making sure that it's what you're supposed to be doing. So many times we move forward with something without really knowing why. It's the theory that if we're busy then we're productive, and if we're productive then we're all good in life.

This falls apart when we're busy with the wrong things. That's not productive, that's just spinning your wheels.

Take some time to plan out your decisions in life. If it takes a few days or a few weeks, that extra time is a lot better than doing the wrong thing that you're going to invest years in, only to find out later on that it wasn't what you were supposed to be doing in the first place. Sometimes you just need to move forward, but the more time you can spend getting clarity on what it is you're to move forward with the better.


Now that you know what you're supposed to be doing, you just need to do it. How many great ideas, relationships, and careers have never seen the light of day because people have been content to only think instead of acting as well? Have a great idea that you think should be patented? Go research patent laws and contact an attorney. Decided in your head that you want to make a change from a job you hate to a career that you will love? Do it. Have you found the person of your dreams, and they don't know that you're supposed to be together? Make it happen.

Your ideas are just thoughts until you set a goal. Figure out what you need to be doing (clarity), set your goals, and start achieving them (conviction). Don't stop short of your goals.

And always remember; if you fail to prepare then you prepare to fail. (You know that I had to throw one motivational quote in here right?)